The ambassador program

Ambassador status is exclusively intended for those faithful users of the Camping Travel Club formula who are genuinely concerned by the quality of our network’s 600 affiliates.
To this end, we have introduced several missions within the Program to provide you the opportunity to immerse yourself a bit more in the Club.

It is up to you to choose the level of commitment you wish to make.

Carrying out these missions rewards you with free units directly credited to your Gold Card.

If you would like to join the Camping Travel Club team and attain the status of Ambassador, you will first have to meet these three conditions:

  • You must be a Gold Card holder
  • Travel often and throughout Europe, and
  • Be endowed with a spirit of community and possess high quality standards towards the network’s establishments

Do you meet these three conditions? Then you may proceed to the next step.

Here, in greater detail, are the missions we propose to the 80 Ambassadors already in the club:

Mission A: Quality Ambassador

We ask you to visit a certain number of network campsites to judge whether they meet the quality standards imposed by their membership and if they also cultivate the Camping Travel Club’s community spirit.

We put together 78 bare pitch or rental location circuits to enable you to (re)discover the tourist sites of Europe, and visit or stay at our network establishments. After each visit, we ask the ambassador to simply fill out a quality form and send it back to us.

Mission B: Support

The number of campsites joining the Camping Travel Club network is constantly developing. We are seeking to expand our circle of Ambassadors to offer personalised support to our member campsites:

  • By providing advice on accommodating Camping Travel Club clients
  • Offering details and explanations of the Camping Travel Club philosophy
  • Checking the on-site signage of all our member establishments

Contributing, as a confirmed Ambassador, your own customer experience in order to inform and recruit new members!

Mission C: Trade Fairs

Throughout the year, we participate in quite a few public and professional trade shows to improve Camping Travel Club’s visibility in France and abroad.

Many Ambassadors accompany us at these trade fairs, for just a few days or even the whole time, sharing their customer experience.

Do you enjoy human contact and like talking about your personal experience?

Join us!

Thank you in advance for the interest you have shown in the Camping Travel Club and for contributing to ensure customer satisfaction and the high quality of our network!

For further information, please contact Camille by phone at 33 (0)4 30 17 20 15, or by email at