Payment methods

Digital units

Digital units can be directly loaded onto your card. These serve as vouchers to pay for your stay within the campsite network.

Access the Camping Travel Club using your Silver Card, access other privileges and great deals with your Gold Card

Silver Card Gold Card
moysilver moygold
Price reductions, special off ers in certain establishments, and exclusive good deals
One single price of €16 for each unit ordered
Best price guaranteed on network campsites
You can recharge your card online or by phone
Holiday Rewards Program (25 units used = 1 unit free)
Centralise all your easily accessible information at «My Account»
Validity of units 2 calendar
4 calendar
Processing costs per order £6.50 £3.75
The Camping Travel Club Guide is free for 3 years (over €30 in savings)
Subscription to the Magazine 3 Seasons for 3 years (3 edition available on line to which one is the paper version)
moysilver moygold
Free and
valid for life
£7.5 / year and
valid for 3 years
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We’d love to have you join us!

The entire Camping Travel Club team is here to listen and help reshape your loyalty program. Stay tuned to this site, it will be online soon!

Gold card celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015! over 51,000 holders in europe, lovers of travel and discovery, are our most loyal users, whether they are campers, caravaners or motorhomers.

The 3-year Gold Card subscription provides you many benefits. For £7.50 per year for 3 years, you get:

  1. A dedicated line: 00 333 85 72 29 95
  2. Your Camping Travel Club guide is free every year for 3 years
  3. A subscription* to the 3 Seasons magazine during the term of your Gold Card
  4. Assistance offer: translation services, assistance in the event of theft or loss of
    your identity documents and much more (see details in the General Sales Conditions)
  5. Exclusive offers specially designed for you, available on the campsite profi le sheets and on the website
  6. Units are valid for 4 years when loaded onto the card
  7. Reduced processing fees – £3.75 instead of £7.50
  8. The opportunity to become a Camping Travel Club Ambassador


Paper unit vouchers

A reliable numbered voucher that allows you to travel throughout the Camping Travel Club network.

  • How do I purchase them?
    Order online the amount of desired paper unit vouchers or telephone our call centre. Once received at your home address (delivery not available to campsites), simply fi ll them in using capital letters (for legibility).
  • How do I use them?
    Upon arrival, go to the campsite’s reception desk with your vouchers. Give them your paper unit vouchers with the tab still attached.
  • Please note
    Validity period: 2 calendar years. For example, paper unit vouchers purchased
    in March 2016 will be valid until December 2017. Processing fees are £7.50 per order.