Good to know

Below, you will find the most frequently asked questions by our customers. if you do not find the answer to your questions, do not hesitate to consult our general sales conditions or call us.

The Camping Cheque formula

  • When do I have to pay for my stay using my Camping Cheque units?
    Payment of your stay occurs 5 days before your arrival if you have booked or the day of your arrival if you come without a reservation. Payment of your stay is made with a sufficient number of Camping Cheque units. Apart from any extra costs, security deposit, or tax, no further amount shall be requested.
  • What should I do if my Gold or Silver Card does not work at a campsite?
    No problem, we will step in and work it out. Your card or the card reader is defective. Immediately call + 33(0); you can ask us to call you back to avoid call charges. Your card will be renewed. The campsite can still carry out the transaction over the internet. Your card will be automatically updated during your next stay at a network campsite.

Camping Cheque’s affiliated establishments

  • Are there specific rules to follow at the campsites?
    Camping Cheque clients must comply with the internal rules of the visited campsite.
    Be sure to inquire what they are: hourly opening and closing of the entrance barrier, speed limits within the campsite, etc.

Taxes and surcharges

  • If I travel with my family, will I have to pay extra?
    The unit is valid for 2 persons on a bure pitch and 4 persons in a rental, any extra persons (adult or children), just like any other option or service offered by the campsite, must be paid onsite. Dogs may be either accepted or not according to the establishment. The campsite might request a supplement.
  • Special cases
    Environment tax : Some campsites are obliged to charge an environment tax, corresponding to waste treatment or the protection of the surrounding nature..
    Electricity tax in the Austrian Tyrol: (Set by Tiwag the Austrian electricity company): this tax is paid only once and its price remains constant regardless of the duration of the stay (€2 to €3.50 per stay per location).

Possible taxes and surcharges for bare pitches

  • Is electricity extra with Camping Cheque?
    Electricity is included in the price. 6A is usually provided or 5 kWh/day (some campsites in our network offer less than 6A, please inquire at the campsite). For any consumption over and above, a supplement is payable on site. Attention, for winter camping, a supplement can be expected.
  • What about the showers?
    Access to the showers is included when using Camping Cheque units. Nevertheless, in some campsites in Belgium, Scandinavia, and the Czech Republic, where the showers work with tokens or coins, the owners may charge extra for showers.
  • Do Camping Cheque prices include taxes?
    No, because taxes do not depend on the campsite but on the national or regional legislation in force. For example, the tourist tax is a supplement payable at the campsite. Tariffs vary between countries and the municipalities where the campsites are located; amounts are determined per day
    and per person.