Great low season deals

Travel throughout europe and morocco in the low season

Over 600 campsites make up the Camping Cheque Network offering nights on bare pitches, static caravans, Moroccan Riads, bungalows and equipped tents.

Take advantage of the best rates in low season.

From £14.95 for bare pitches and £29.90 for rentals. (Depending on the acceptance period – see the campsite’s details).

Travel with confidence and guaranteed availability

For bare pitches: Without a reservation, stay at many locations. For rentals: Within 24 hours, we will send you a confirmation of your reservation.

Share good deals with other campers and travelers.

Through the Camping Cheque community discover new horizons across Europe and Morocco. By staying in contact with Camping Cheque and its members, you can hear about all the great deals and privileges of stays in the low season!

Feel free to explore the circuits created by the other members and share your own!

Your loyalty is rewarded
You buy as many units as you want and use them according to your desires. Long stays, weekends, or an unexpected getaway… All formulas are possible! The more units used, the more benefits earned.